Parool: PrEP available at Public Health Service as of August

As of August 1st, HIV prevention pill PrEP will be available in all PHS (GGD) regions in the Netherlands. Access to PrEP remains limited: the pills will only be available for a ‘high-risk group’.

The PrEP scheme focuses on gay men with an increased risk of being infected with HIV. The Ministry of Health estimates this to be about 6,500 men. These men can count on medication and treatment during the next five years. The scheme in its current form will end in 2024.

PrEP users will have to contribute a maximum of 25 percent to the total costs. The medication costs around 30 euros per month for daily use, which brings personal contribution to around 8 euros per month. Men who are eligible for the PrEP scheme also receive medical care, such as monitoring for STIs, HIV and renal function.

In the Netherlands, about 20,000 people are living with HIV. Over a quarter of them live in Amsterdam. The prevention pill is estimated to prevent about 250 HIV infections each year.

Read the full article on the Parool website (Dutch only).

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