Nieuwsuur: Parliament adopts motion to start PrEP care at GGD

The House of Representatives of the Netherlands does not want to wait until summer to provide PrEP and has adopted a motion of D66 and GroenLinks so that current PrEP users can go to the Public Health Service (GGD) for medical care and guidance.

Previously, Aidsfonds, together with COC Netherlands, PrEPnu, the Dutch Association of HIV Physicians and the Dutch HIV Association made an urgent appeal for an emergency regulation for PrEP.

The motion calls for the government to make funds available to provide care and guidance for current PrEP users. More GP’s are providing PrEP care, but not all GP’s can or want to provide this.

‘People are willing to protect themselves against HIV. But not everyone who currently uses PrEP has access to medical guidance, which is so important. On top of that, people who want to use PrEP are now on waiting lists at the GGD. Those who decide to start taking PrEP themselves, and who do this without the right guidance and care, are still at risk of contracting HIV’, says Mark Vermeulen, director of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland.

The motion does not deal with the provision of PrEP medication itself. The medication will only partly be reimbursed from the summer onwards, as the minister of medical care announced earlier this month (Dutch only). By adopting the motion, the guidance and care that are so essential for PrEP can commence immediately. People who are using PrEP should regularly be tested for HIV and other STIs and kidney function, and should be monitored.

Read the full article and watch the news report on the website of Nieuwsuur (Dutch only).

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