In the last year, the H-TEAM has decided to, even more than before, increase the involvement of the City of Amsterdam and the community in developing and implementing novel projects, and integrating them in the public domain. For this, collaboration is key. It is with this in mind that we have identified two new members to join our team: Tom van Benthem and Dinah Bons. With the participation of Tom we hope to achieve closer involvement with the city, and with the participation of Dinah we aim to link closer to the transcommunity. We are eager to introduce both of our new members.

Tom van Benthem holds a MSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. For five years he worked at the regional level for the province of Noord-Holland, where he supported cities in their policy tasks in the field of youth and wellbeing. Currently, he holds a position at the public health department of the city of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) as a strategic policy advisor. In addition, he is a member of the GGD management team and advises management and leadership on public health issues, including HIV/Aids.


Dinah de Riquet Bons started her career in the commercial sector, where she held various positions in management for 14 years. After her gender transition in 2004 she retrained and started working in healthcare within  different nursing units. Subsequently, she went on to develop trans-specific care modules both within the HVO-Querido ambulatory psychiatry and the prostitution care programs. At HVO-Querido she also developed a LGBTQI+, diversity and inclusion perspective, and ensured its integration within the LGBTQI+ ‘HVO QUERIDO PROUD PEOPLE’ network. In 2018 she was elected strategic director for Transgender Europe in Berlin, where she helped anchor the rights of transgender people in EU law and regulations. Dinah is also the founder of Trans United Europe and the department Trans United Netherlands, co-founder of Trans Safe Space and Trans-led Health Clinic and board-member of ICRSE/NSWP/PRIDE Amsterdam. This year she received the Winq Diversity Award for her efforts within the Dutch                                                 LGBTQI+ community.

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