Antony Oomen: “Minister, make PrEP available through health insurance”

“The Dutch government keeps postponing full PrEP coverage”, writes Antony Oomen of Soa Aids Netherlands and the H-TEAM. “Meanwhile, the Dutch HIV epidemic is unnecessary but steadily moving along, with about two new infections each day.”

“If it wasn’t so depressing, the history of PrEP in the Netherlands could be considered a political joke, characterized by administrative resistance, a lack of political fantasy and slamming doors. In the latest episode of this soap opera it was revealed that the national PrEP project, which was announced in July 2018, will not start until fall 2019.

This prompted different interest groups to write an urgent letter to the minister of medical care, just before Christmas. They recognize a cynical pattern in the continuous postponement of an accessible PrEP scheme.”

Read the entire piece on the OneWorld website (Dutch only).


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