The number of people living with HIV in Amsterdam is relatively high. Furthermore, despite all the interventions currently available, new HIV infections continue to occur and people with an HIV infection often still enter care at a late stage of infection. The H-TEAM was set up to change this situation. The H-TEAM is a unique collaboration between all the organisations and parties involved in the prevention and treatment of HIV in Amsterdam, including the target groups.


Amsterdam is one of the first European cities to call a halt to HIV and AIDS once and for all. According to the latest report published by UNAIDS on the eve of the international AIDS conference in Paris, Amsterdam has already reached the international UN targets. This is partly due to the unique, ground-breaking work of the H-TEAM (HIV Transmission Elimination AMsterdam), which is striving to increase efforts even further to achieve the goal of no more new HIV infections in the city.

Unique approach

The H-TEAM combines various innovative interventions to prevent transmission of the virus by promoting prevention, earlier HIV testing and immediate treatment of infections. In addition, the H-TEAM specifically targets higher-risk groups such as men who have sex with men and people from regions with a high prevalence of HIV.

Unique collaboration

The H-TEAM originated and was launched in Amsterdam, and represents a city-focused approach to the HIV epidemic. The H-TEAM works closely with various other large cities and, where possible, strives to ensure the H-TEAM campaigns reach a nationwide audience. This targeted approach places the H-TEAM initiative on the frontline of the global fight against HIV.


1) Targeted prevention
The sooner we can prevent  new HIV infections, especially in high-risk groups, the sooner we can halt the epidemic.

2) Rapid detection and treatment
Early, or earlier, detection and start of treatment will help to maintain the health of people with an HIV infection and reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

The H-TEAM cornerstones

The H-TEAM is based on 5 cornerstones that, through a unique combination of targeted collaboration and focussed interventions, should drastically reduce the number of new HIV infections.

In the AMPrEP (Amsterdam PrEP) project, GGD Amsterdam
HIV can be detected and treated earlier if people recognise...
HIV infections are nearly always transmitted by people who...
The H-TEAM investigated the motives of people living with HIV and HIV practitioners...
The Dutch Cohort Study into Acute HIV Infections (NOVA study) by the H-TEAM...
900 people are diagnosed with an HIV infection each year in the Netherlands. 162 in Amsterdam (2015)

* (SHM, 2016)

2,800 people don’t yet know that they have an HIV infection. 378 in Amsterdam (2015)
More than 1 in 30
More than 1 in 3 people enter healthcare late, with an advanced HIV infection.* (38%, also more than 1 in 3)